Menu Monday: June 30th

Just a quick post to share my menu for the week with you. Most of this week’s recipes are from a cookbook published by my high school. I was pleasantly surprised to find several recipes that sounded good and did not have a lot of gluten containing ingredients. Replacing the meat in some of these dishes may stretch my creative muscles, though.

I’ll be submitting my menu to the Gluten Free Menu Swap which is hosted this week by M-Elle at Cooking & UNcooking. She already has the round-up post started and I’ll be headed over there to check out some of the menus this evening since some of the descriptions are quite intriguing . . . I’ve definitely got to find out what Jezebel Chili is!

Menu for this Week:

Day One: Oven Fried Sesame Chicken (Tofu)

Day Two: Vegetable Gumbo

Day Three: Pineapple Chicken (Tofu) Bake

Day Four: Black Bean Enchiladas

Day Five: Parmesan Fish (???) with Easy Summer Coleslaw

Day Six: Mexican Cornbread Casserole

Update: We just finished our grocery shopping for the week and I was pleasantly surpised to see that we got out of the store for $111.65. That includes the ingredients for the suppers listed above, as well as side dishes, breakfasts, lunches, and snacks!


  1. Wow! Thats a cool menu, I’d be interested to see the pineapple chicken tofu bake and the summery cole-slaw


  2. Hey Dianne, I’m excited about the pineapple chicken/tofu bake too. You can get the recipe for the Summer Cole Slaw by clicking on the name in the post above. It’s one of our absolute favorite recipes.