I Goofed

Last night I stayed up late (again), working on some tasks that have been delayed while we try to launch two new products this week. I checked Facebook and Amazon one last time and went to sleep thingking that all was well in our little world.

Little did I know.

John woke up at five o’clock and took the early morning work shift and let me sleep in. When I finally took up my seat next to him on the couch, bleary-eyed and qroggy, I asked what the cookbook’s ranking was on Amazon this morning. He replied, “I think you’re going to need some coffee first.”

Hmmm… I wasn’t so groggy that I didn’t realize that something was awry.

After my first sip of coffee (which John very kindly fixed for me), John broke the news. Our book went off of free promotion during the night, which meant that all of the emails and Facebook promotions that said “My cookbook will be free on Tuesday and Wednesday!” were now wrong.

I had enough coffee in me at that point to realize that this was not good.

As the caffeine infiltrated the recesses of my mind, I realized what must have happened.

I’d goofed.

When John and I were sitting on the couch late Sunday night, we discussed doing the free promotion for one day….and we discussed doing it for two days. We didn’t have any of our promotion material ready, so we figured we’d run it for two days to give ourselves plenty of time on Monday to just get the word out. But then when I was actually setting it up in Amazon, I now clearly remember that I set it for two days, and then changed it to one day.

Why? I have no idea.

And then I went to bed. And FORGOT that I’d set the promotion for one day and proceed to wake up on Monday and write all of our emails and Facebook posts to say that the book was free for two days.

So, if you’re wondering why you can’t get the book for free today, it’s all my fault. Mea culpa.

We’ve emailed Amazon to see if they can manually throw a switch and move it back to free, but there’s no way that John or I can make it free today. The free promotions only start at midnight, and then run for multiples of 24 hours.

We’re evaluating what our options are to get a free book to the people that were counting on getting a free book today. I’ll let you know more when we’ve got that sorted out. Meanwhile,I just wanted to say that I’m sorry and I’m embarrassed.

And I’d also like to thank everyone who helped us spread the word about the free promotion yesterday. It was awesome to watch! Over 4600 free copies were downloaded and we made it to the 46th spot on Amazon’s list of free Kindle books.

Now, I’m off to drink some more coffee and see what I can do to salvage this mess that I’ve made.


  1. Thank you. I was one of the lucky ones and downloaded it yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you for having the respect to let us know what is going on and what happened. Says a lot about your character, and my respect for you just went up quite a bit! It is hard to admit when we made a mistake and you did it with class! I am so thankful for you, your husband and your web site!! When I can I am going to invest in the cooking classes :) Mostly because I miss bread so much and so sick of eating bricks, grainy, or the worst soggy bread! I am scared to try making your bread but when I get paid, I WILL try it…. I will let you know how badly this gluten free experiment fails lol. But for the first time in a while I have the courage to try again….. so thank you for making my life just a little bit easier!

  2. Don’t stress about this! Mistakes are made daily that are much worse than this. Thank you for working to remedy it, but in the meantime, take a deep breath, drink another cup of coffee or tea, and hug your honey and smile…Life is good, you are doing good things, and lives are changed for it. :) God bless!

  3. Well, that explains it! I had to figure out how to get Kindle on my phone before I could download your free book. That took some time on Tuesday and then I was out of time and thought “I’ll download it tomorrow.” Yesterday the book didn’t show up as free and I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. But it was only $3 and I really thought having all those recipes at my fingertips would be super helpful so I just bought it anyway! No worries, I’m just glad to know I was crazy or completely computer-incompetent! Now I just have to figure out how the Kindle app works…hmm, I may be computer-incompetent after al! ;-)

  4. Selina Thome says:

    HI! This morning was the first chance I had to take a look at my free cookbook and it was not there! I even left feedback for you in comments. Not about the book itself since I had not read it but about your commitment to helping those of us with special dietary needs. We all make mistakes. Please do not worry about the free thing. Just keep on helping us please! Blessings, Selina

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