Gluten Free Wraps and Puff Pancakes

We’re running a bit behind on the Forgotten Cookie recipe that I had meant to post for tonight. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow night, but in the meantime I wanted to tell you about a few great recipes that we’ve tried this past week.

First, Gluten Free Gobsmacked has a wonderfully good recipe for gluten free wraps. It’s so good that we made a batch yesterday morning, and then again last night. Please go try it out; it is sooooo good.

This past Sunday I made Gluten Free Steve’s puff pancakes and they were wonderful as well. John and I both enjoyed seeing the pancake puff up in the oven; it looked like a sombrero!

Gluten Free Puff Pancake


  1. Thanks, Mary – We have been enjoying your recipes too. =) It’s good to share… and experiment =)
    Happy GF Eating to you!

  2. Mary – You’re a dream. I’m glad you like the wrap – it’s certainly rebuilt my bread confidence. As all of us do, I grow weary of the dense breads sometimes and this is a great break from that.
    By the way, those corn cakes of yours? OH! I have GOT to make those! They are on the menu for this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing that recipe. =)

  3. Kate,
    I’m glad to be able to send some people your way! I’ve been struggling with corn tortillas for wraps for so long, and they just don’t work that well. Having a good wrap recipe is HUGE.
    By the way, I hope you enjoy the corn cakes – let me know how you choose to top them. I’m eager to try some variations!