“I’m Starting A Gluten Free Diet. When Will I Feel Better?”

One of the more frequent questions that I see in my email runs something like this:

“I’m about to start a gluten free trial because I think it may help with some of the symptoms I’ve been suffering with for years. What I don’t know, and I don’t know who else to ask, is when I should expect to see improvements. How long should I do a trial? A couple of weeks? A couple of months?”

I don’t have a great answer to this question. I’m not a medical expert of any sort, so all I can offer is my personal experience which won’t be all that helpful unless you have a wheat allergy that manifests in your gut (in which case, I felt better in three days). What I do have is an email list of thousands of people who for one reason or another are interested in a gluten free diet. So, I’m going to throw this question out to all of you. I’m sure that collectively we can answer this question.

So, if you’d like to help this person (and many others) out, add a comment to this post describing your symptoms, your diagnosis (if you have one) and how long it took you to see relief of your symptoms. I’d love to get a ton of answers from all of you and then compile it into one post, or a small free e-booklet full of anecdotal evidence of a gluten free (or gluten-free plus) diet making you feel better.


  1. Patience is really a virtue on this diet. Your body has to adjust to and detox from the previose poisoning. Try some of the natural gfree juices and lots of water. time will fix the rest. I know its miserable. But hang in there it will be ok.

  2. Thank you. If i thought it would go away in a years time and i would feel good then i would have the patience of a saint, its more the not knowing what it is.x

  3. I too have had issues for years, mostly chest & throat congestion, tightness & mucus…and of course…tired….tired….tired, which leads to the being annoyed and I’m sorry…..quite frankly…..bitchy!! Never realized there was a bowel issue until I found out loose is not so normal!! I’ve fired several Drs. over the years and had given up until I recently made an appointment for an unrelated issue (asked to switch to the new female Dr in the practice). I was given new paperwork to fill with a detail listing of all symptoms I was having and what other 2 issues I would like to ask the Dr about! Are you kidding me?? Thought most Drs only allowed one issue!! So……….I listed everything and anything that didn’t seem right!! She did a complete blood panel……….I have a Hashimotos (Thyroid) disease, vitamin B deficient and low reading for vitamin D. There are studies that show there is a link between gluten issues and thyroid and then the vitamin deficiency. I am currently in test phase….been off of gluten for about 2 weeks, taking synthroid and singular. I feel less tired….still a little congested. But I read somewhere that it could actually take months for all the gluten to leave your system?? Can tell my body is definitely detoxing…..if you know what I mean!! I would suggest full blood work to anyone who is still tired and get your thyroid tested, Dr’s normally perform 2 test………there are 5!! I had blood test 2 years ago, BUT obviously not the one’s needed. I had told previous Drs that my Mother has a thyroid condition. I am also doing a saliva hormone test!! I LOVE MY NEW DOCTOR!!!!!!!
    Eating for me has been mostly salad with oil based dressing, eggs, chicken, vegies and fruit. I Drink V8 everyday and water, water, water. I have not really missed the bread, crust, cookie, stuff. My sister-in-law made me gluten free cupcakes for Halloween……..they were AWESOME!!

  4. I found once I had detox’d for about a month or so I wasn’t even craving the foods I had previously like bread or wheat-based cereals. So awesome!

  5. I dont have any cravings either but just wish this tiredness would go away, I accept i have ME and that is part of the cause but I had managed to pick my energy levels up a bit before coming off wheat, gluten etc. Fingers crossed i pick up soon! On a positive note i am really enjoying my food and tasting things again rather than them being made up of rubbish and making me feel sluggish.
    Thanks everyone who is responding, the message really do help.x

  6. It takes approx. 21 days or so for wheat to be out of your system. I know when I started it with in 2 weeks I started to slowly feel better.

  7. I have been gluten-free for almost 2-3 weeks (lost track of time, might be closer to 3 weeks), and I am feeling much better. I was having migraines multiple times a day, upset stomach daily, extremely tired no matter how much sleep I got, unable to keep weight off, there were others but can’t remember. Now the only time I get a migraine or upset stomach is when I am overly stressed out. I am waking up in the morning and actually feel like getting out of the bed and ready to start the day. I’ve heard the “recovery time” has to do with how much damage has been done, the more damage done the longer it takes to repair itself.

    • Omg
      That is my symptoms to a tea
      Daily headaches/migraines
      Daily Stomach pain and nausea
      12 years ago diagnosed with severe multiple food allergies and put on nalcrom. Which worked excellent for 5 years.
      Then the headaches/migraines started daily. Tried several medications with no relief. Finally prescribed Botox which helped some but not a cure but partial relief.
      Then 2 years after that severe exhaustion daily nausea stomach pain and constipation.
      About a year ago admitted for bowel obstruction and diagnosed with crohns disease. Prescribed azAthioprine and no relief. 2nd surgery as multiple strictures seen in barium X-ray test. Surgery showed no sign of crohns but some scar tissue was scraped. Some relief from the the extreme nausea. But still extreme exhaustion stomach pain headaches/migraines and less severe nausea. Specialist says all signs of crohns is gone and says I may have ibs too and gave me a prescription for a new drug called resotran to relieve constipation. He also recommended a gluten free diet. I’ve been on the diet for about a week and I think I may be starting to get some energy back the last day plus (longest amount of time I’ve had a bit of energy). Here’s praying this works. I’m just about out of options and thinking of admitting myself to a clinic and saying find out what is going on do any all all tests necessary.
      God Bless

      • HI MARGOT,

  8. The first time I went gluten free I started feeling better within 1 week of the diet. But, I took that diet to an extreme (limited what I ate way to much) and it was very hard to eat like that. I had not educated myself about eating gluten free and so I thought I was very limited to “what” I “could” eat. I stuck with this for well over a month and lost tons of weight, felt very energetic and my loose stools were non-existent. BUT, I was starving myself. Not the best way to go about it ;)
    Wanted to reply to the tiredness replies. It could be that you are Vitamin D deficient. I am not super health nut, but my mother and my aunts are and they all were tested for this (by their regular family doctors) and they ALL came back positive for being Deficient in Vitamin D. All of their doctors told them the same thing—that most Americans do not get enough D in their normal every day diets and it is a leading cause of many different ‘other’ ailments and most people and/or doctors recognize this. After this I had my husband tested for Vitamin D deficientcy (he works nights, doesn’t eat super healthy, tired all the time, hardly sees any sunlight in the winter, etc etc etc). He was also deficient.
    I use a tanning bed to help keep up my Vitamin D and I take supplements. This has helped me immensely. (I am not recommending a tanning bed for everyone, it is just my choice as it helps me to keep my energy levels up). Hope this helps :)

  9. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (about 3 years ago) and Sjogren’s Syndrome (about 1 year ago). I have been on several different medications over the years to help with pain and fatigue and brain fog: Lyrica, Cymbalta, Gabapentin, Tramadol, Skelaxin, Pilocarpine, etc….. I started a gluten free diet about 6 weeks ago and have reduced my medications. I am now only taking 1/3 of my original Cymbalta dose, 1/2 of my Gabapentin dose and 2/3 or pilocarpine. I do not take any of the other medications on a regular basis and I feel great! I can think clearly, I have more energy, and significantly less pain!

  10. I also have fibromyalgia and atypical reflex sypathetic dystrophy. After being on a gluten/soy/casein-free diet (all of my food allergies, basically), I was able to reduce my gabapentin dose by one-third so far. I’ve had less fibrofog and can actually read a chapter in a book and remember it now!

  11. I have recently been diagnosed with Fibro but have been ill for a long time with it. I have tried many different diets, meds and such w/little or no results. I would like to try this gluten-free diet but I will be honest, I have tried so many things that didn’t work and cost me so much money that I am very hesitant about these things. I have been on so many diets & vitamins, it’s not even funny. They didnt help my illness but I have the best colesterol, blood count in the USA! lol…. ;) I am willing to try the gluten-free diet…I just need ALOT of support and I am soooooo tried of fibro fog, extreme fatigue, migraines, PAIN, depression and anxiety, and IBS. I could live gluten-free if it would help these! Thanks for listening! :)

    • Hey, I’m with ya! I just started my GF diet a week ago. I haven’t noticed a difference but I’m going to give it a good chance. I also have Fibro, anxiety, depression, fatigue, ect… Let’s hope this GF diet works for us!!!

    • I have had all these things for about 10 years, but just thought I was a tired mom. . My x husband used to call me a hypochondriac because I was always complaining of some ailment. Doctors just wanted to peg me as crazy. My symptoms improved after just 2 days on the diet

      • This was me… I was very achy all the time, every muscle even the little muscles in my fingers. Always thought I was starting to get the flu, but then I wouldn’t. I was GF for 3 weeks, felt better but didn’t want to do it just for the hype. I had one bad day 3 weeks in and figured it must not be gluten and started eating it again. A week later I decided to try again, maybe that one bad day I ate something with gluten on accident.

        So far it’s been another 2 weeks, and almost no aches. Only a little in my big muscles like my thighs.

        I have learned that being 41 that there are normal aches and pains that were different than the extra achiness.

        Everyone just thought I was complaining about normal getting-old pains, and I am overweight and work at a computer all day. So everyone just thought and probably still thinks I’m just out of shape.

        But I’m starting to believe. I feel much more alert and focused for work, which is so nice. I get more done so I can then move on to family time and do more activities.

        I realized there was a problem when I would eat a gluten-heavy meal and would really have little choice but to take a nap an hour later. It was very disruptive and frustrating.

        I’m still not sure I have much of the bowel issues, but right before I went GF, I was constantly achy, tired, got a real bad sinus infection, and then had a 3-month sore roof of my mouth with little bumps. I was sick of it all!

        I’m still in trial phase, but otomisitc. I have low thyroid, too, since I was 13.

        If this does work, I’ll be happy, but very very sad because looking back I think my grandma had this for as long as I knew her. I would love to go back and validate her claims and see her as a GF person. I’ll tap those thoughts for inspiration when I’m tempted.

        • Tracey Michelle says:

          Posted this above, but wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it!

          –Just wanted to let you know about a group on Facebook called Thyroid Sexy…it is really just taking off but they have TONS of info on thyroid/gluten/getting-a-good-doctor…it’s just a treasure chest of support and information! Wanted to invite you and everyone else!

  12. I have been gluten free since April 2011 and some symptoms have cleared up…others have gotten worse. I also have RSDS (a neuropathic pain disorder) which over the past 6 months has flared up and spread. Well I just read that you can have a sensitivity to all grains. That was disappointing but the joint pain, fatigue, foggy brain and the spread of my RSDS made me rethink what I am eating. So after a couple of days no grains my daughter and I ate out, gluten free menu, ordered corn chips (gluten free) maybe they were not gluten free I dont know, because about 45 minutes later my gut revolted! That was yesterday. I am still having horrible symptoms today and have been in and out of the bathroom since yesterday! I really havent missed having loose stools, which were completely gone.
    So my question is…besides pepcid and benadryl what can I take for the nausea, diarrhea, cramping, headache, etc???

    • I would try ibuprofen 600mg to 800mg and some ginger tea. (grated fresh ginger in boiling water) I like Traditional Medicinal digestive tea. It doesn’t taste all that great though. Drink as much water as you can!

  13. Hi. I have been on a gluten free diet since May 2009. But I get sidetracked sometimes and cheat….Mainly because I don’t want to be annoying and decline food offered to me at a restaurant or dinner party, bbq, birthday etc….. When I go back to GF it takes about 2 weeks to start feeling better. And after a month I’m a new person. Recently I have decided to go ahead and decline anything with wheat. It makes me too sick.

  14. Emily Davis says:

    My 10 year roller-coaster-ride with fibromyalgia completely left me when I went on the gluten free eating plan. Please at least try going gluten free!!!

  15. I have been gluten,wheat dairy and various other free since October 2011, in the beginning the pain in my legs arms, feet and hands was excrutiating but realised it was body coming off of the gluten etc. After about 6 weeks the pain eased back a bitand now if i eat something by mistake or say go out for a meal and have steak thats already in gravy, my hands etc are in agony the following day. The other thing i find is how quickly it upsets my stomach, it can literally be half an hout after eating the wrong thing that im running to the loo.
    I would hang in there if you can, i have had ME for 4 years and suffered IBS for longer than i care to think and it has certainly helped with some of the symptoms.
    Another thing i have found is i dont have as bad low mood since cutting out most sugar,it helps a bit with the brain fog too, if only my energy levels would lift now.

    • Georgie,
      As far as your energy is concerned, find a natural remedy for treating Adrenals. It has helped my daughter regain some energy after her story which is similar to yours. Doc said that her adrenals were depleted from the distress on her digestive system for so long. Also, going a bit further, he has identified her pituitary gland needed a boost as well, as that has something do to with adrenal and digestion function. Fare thee well!

  16. Thank you,i have been seeing a Herbalist who has made up tinctures for me and one is to boost my adrenals, she said the same that if you have long-term stomach problems then it exhausts your adrenals, you also need to go to loo on a regular basis too, at least once a day. I will mention the pituitary to her.

  17. I went GF about 9 days ago (have unexplained chronic heartburn, muscle/joint pain, fatigue etc). Some things have alredy improved but the heartburn is worse than ever. Now I have it when I eat anything, not just gluten containing foods. What’s up with that? Am confused.

    • Sherrie Snider says:

      Wow sounds like me, I am in process of getting an endoscope done to check for stomach ulcer and celiac disease. Currently I am on a lotta foods free diet . I will definitely use this site for guidance. I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years. I feel yucky but I think if I follow this diet I will feel better. A protien shake that I use, I checked it out, is isagenix. It is soy based gluten free . It’s yummy too. Thank you for the site .

      • Hi Sherri and Michelle,
        Was wondering if your heartburn subsided ? I’ve been gluten free for about two weeks and just developed this awful chronic heartburn too. Thks so much ! The heartburn is awful !

        • Hi Carol,

          I have been gluten free for about 6 weeks now. I had an achy burning feeling in my stomach that I noticed only a few times before going gluten free. I always ignored it and just thought it was heartburn but I guess it was more about too much acid in my stomach. I don’t know if I was just paying more attention to my body or what, but after going gluten free it seemed like the problem got worse and I was noticing it much more often. My doctor put me on anti-acids and after 2 weeks of being on the pills the achy burning feeling went away. After 6 weeks of the diet I decided to try gluten again and although I did not get an upset stomach, the achy burning feeling came back right away. Not sure if this is the same thing you are feeling or not, but I would talk to your doctor.


          • Hi Emily,
            Thks so much for your reply ! So funny…I have the exact same symptoms and my GI Dr. put me on Prisolec for the month. I’m on day 11 and it seems like the acid reflux is getting better. I’m curious to see what happens as the month goes on, etc. I feel like my symptoms are reversed — seems like a lot of folks who have Celiac’s have this acid reflux as a symptom and after going gluten free, it subsides. I seemed to have picked this up after going gluten free. Thks again for your input ! I’m hoping the Prisolec does the trick ! Best, Carole

        • Hi ladies, I got heartburn after starting the GF diet as well. It’s gone now and I’ve been GF for about 3 months. I went GF to get rid of a rash on my face and it worked! Other than that, I feel exactly the same as before…. : /

    • Try increasing your water intake and eating smaller but more frequent portions. I had the same thing and it got better way. It may be esophagitis requiring an H2 blocked if this doesn’tl help. You can get them OTC but will need to see which ones are gluten free.

  18. I was just diagnosed with Celiac a week ago … started my gluten free diet right away. Haven’t really noticed any changes yet but will keep you posted since this is so new to me, and may be helpful to someone else. Later … :,)

    • Hi Cindy,
      I started the gf diet in Feb as well… around the same time frame and think I’m been doing a good job … guess my labs will let me know later this month ;) , but wondering if you’ve felt any different ? I didn’t have any GI symptoms, just iron deficiency anemia and low Vitamin D and fatigue, so hard to gage b/c motherhood alone could be the source of my fatigue ;) Hope it’s going well for you !

  19. I started a gluten free diet on January 1. I have IBS (mostly constipated, bloating side of it) and mild depression. During the month, I think I had more energy and elevated mood, but still constipated.
    After a month, I had one slice of bread. I didn’t have any cramping or GI problems, but felt exhausted for the next few days. Then I continued to follow GF diet for the next week, then had a croissant. That night was was SUPER bloated, but not cramping. Some other night I had one beer, no problems.
    About a week later, I ate an entire personal pizza to myself and woke up early the next morning with severe cramping and stomach pain for the next 3 days! Last night I accidentally had one bit of pizza (thought it was GF) and woke up this morning with super cramping.
    So now I’m not sure if my problem is gluten, or something else. I never used to have cramping from gluten, this is something new. I thought I’d try out the diet because of the bloating and constipation. Could I have developed a new symptom after not eating gluten????
    Also, I’d like to share my favorite gluten free site: http://www.glutenfreegirl.com
    My boyfriend is GF so I have been using her site and cook book for the past year and LOVE it ( I was still eating gluten before, never having gotten it toegether to give up pastry:) I have been eating better out of this cookbook than I have in my entire life. And she teaches you about the basics of cooking too. Can’t say enough for it. The cook book is a good buy- read cover to cover, not like a normal cookbook. This site is probably good too :)

    • I have been gluten free for 2 1/2 years now. After about 1 1/2 years I decided to try a little gluten and see if I could tolerate it, since I had had the biopsy and been declared non-celiac. The first few days were okay, no symptoms, then I got braver and braver and was eating anything I wanted for a couple of weeks. Bad mistake!!!!!! I wound up in the hospital for 6 days with ischemic colitis…severe bleeding and death of some tissue in the colon….kind of like a heart attack in the colon. My doctors do not think it was related to the reintroduction of gluten, but in my heart of hearts I know it was, as it’s the only thing I did differently.

      My only guess as to why your symptoms were worse/different after your gluten challenge (experiment) is that once the gut completely heals the damage from eating gluten all those years it is just super sensitive to having to deal with any gluten later. Totally non-medical explanation, but the one I think is right for me.

      Too many doctors remain shackled to what they learned in medical school and ignore the obvious real-people examples right in front of them.

  20. I am starting a gluten free diet just to see whether it is behind my high blood pressure and pulse. I often feel sick after eating, and my pulse starts racing. The same happens with my blood pressure, when I eat. I recently suffered a cardiac arrest, and so far no reason has been found for it. I am healthy and very fit, and even though my whole body, heart and all organs were tested, nothing abnormal was found.

    I did some research online, before meeting a new doctor tomorrow, and found that food allergies (especially gluten allergy) can cause high blood pressure, high pulse, and even in worst cases a cardiac arrest, if the body is not able tolerate certain foods. This is something that I could imagine being wrong since I am so healthy otherwise, and my sickness is somehow related to eating…

    Has anyone had similar symptoms?

    • Deborah says:

      Just to share mine, my daughter, 14, and my mothers experience, all our severe food intolerances were connected to a problem with yeast overgrowth in our bodies (my daughter having the most severe reactions and symptoms including constant severe backache, belching, digestive distress, acne at 8, sleeping constantly and unable to eat ANYTHING, home for months with me in a terrible panicked state). It is very common and highly undetected by medical doctors. If they do find yeast, they won’t tell you its related to food. After a year of eating properly with results from the ALCAT test (so you know exactly what foods your body is reacting to) and taking a product called yeast relief taken gingerly by instructions form holistic dr. and much enzymes and pro and prebiotics, we are all improving greatly, especially my daughter!! :)) You wouldnt believe what odd and seemingly unrelated physical symptoms disappeared. So many dr.s (specialists) gave bogus and laughable reasons for symptoms. The hardest is finding out whats wrong. Hope this gives you some direction. You are right to focus on the food to start.

  21. For 10 years, I had anxiety, depression, brain fog, diarrhea/constipation, gas, bloating, joint pain, back pain. I tried everything until I started googling the symptoms. Immediately found links to gluten intolerance. Visited my doc and have been gf for 48 hours. I cannot. Describe how much better I feel already. For those experimenting with ff, its different for each person Geri felt better immediately!

  22. I have been gluten free for almost a year now. But I continued to get sicker. I knew I was positive for celiac DNA. Dr said I don’t have it yet but once I read up on it I have had symptoms all my life. So after following Mary France’s newsletter on how she is grain free 6 days a week I decided to try it! I lost 8 lbs the first 5 days! And I felt like myself again! Had gluten free grains 1 day sick for 2 days. I’ve tried grains 3 times now and get sick each time. So I’m done with grains! Good luck with everyone else!

  23. Hi again, I have been gluten free for a little while and I am totally feeling better. I did eat a breakfast burrito this weekend and thought that I was going to explode later that day in the art gallery. No explosions, but definitely not going to eat anymore glutennnnnnn.
    In regard to the heartburn I do still have that and I take Zegrid twice a day. I am now trying once a day. There are over the counter products like Zegrid, Prilosec, and Prevacid. Hope you all feel better.

    • Hi Sherrie,
      Thks so much ! I’m giving Prilosec a whirl for the month per my Dr’s recommendation. So far it seems to be getting a little better…only on day 11, but in a much better place than I was two weeks ago. Maybe this is just one of those joys of aging ;) Have a good day !

  24. I started a gluten free/lactose free diet about a week ago and I already feel so much better.

    The problems I was having stretch back several years, and included GERD, anxiety, panic attacks, vertigo, migraines, sinus pain, undigested food in stools, fatigue, bruising easily, and gradually increasing chronic diarrhea, stomach cramping, and body aches. I went to a bunch of different doctors, and kept bringing things up with them, and expressing my concern that I kept getting sicker. They’d do some blood work, check for all the normal stuff, and then say “couldn’t find a thing wrong with you.” It was so frustrating. I was missing lots of time at work, and was getting very depressed over the whole thing. I even went to the ER a couple of times because things were so bad.

    This last week has been like a giant wake up call. In just a few days I’ve felt better than I have in years! I can actually eat a meal now without running to the bathroom an hour later. I can wake up and get out of bed without feeling stiff and tired. I hope the progress continues, and that all of these problems really can be linked back to one simple cause – gluten intolerance. Why couldn’t at least one of the doctor’s I saw over the years even suggest it? I had all the symptoms!

    • That is THE question. Had same experience. Good for you that you found out. Continue to visit holistic docs. You will have much better treatment. Stay well.

  25. Be aware that you currently cannot be diagnosed with Celiac Disease without a gastoscopy/endoscope examination, preferably with biopsies taken. There is a blood test that gives a degree of probability only, that you have Celiac.
    Lactose intolerance often goes hand in hand with Celiac Disease, as the Lactase is produced in the villi of the section of intestine normally most affected by Celiac. Lactase is what breaks down the lactose into digestable sugars. Whether this lactose intolerance improves after time on a Gluton free diet is not really known.
    Those still having problems on a GF diet would be well advised to also try going Lactose Free.
    My gut feeling (pun?) is that those with sensitive internals to Gluton may be allergic to much more also, as it really is an allergic reaction which may be quite broad.

    • Exactly. I also have autoimmune arthritis flares that occur due to gut infections. My GI thinks I have inflammatory bowel disease (also autoimmune). I’m only 33 and have had 6 polyps removed from my colon. I await the biopsy results with some anxiety.

  26. I have IBS (predominantly constipation) with severe cramping and bloating. I take Bentyl 3 times a day and that helps some. The Bentyl is the newest thing we’ve tried and have been doing it, along with Creon, for a few months. Looking back, I began with bad constipation when I was a teen (am now in my late 40s). A few years ago we tried the GF diet for 3 months. At the end of it, I had my last gall bladder attack—right—it was in bad shape and was removed. So the dr. then said that my issues obviously came from the gall bladder, so I could discontinue the GF experiment. So, I did. The IBS has gotten steadily worse since then, and has for the past 7 months really impacted on my life. Decided myself to try to GF diet again. I’m on Day 5 today and am impressed with my lack of pain—had had pain continuously for months—-either severe when due for Bentyl or moderate when not. Days 2 and 3 were horrid—a lot of pain and diarrhea—but yesterday was much better and so is today. I’m thinking if this keeps up I’ll try removing one of the Bentyl from my regime and see how that goes. (On endoscopy I was negative for Celiac but GI dr suggested I try the GF diet anyway. Glad he did.) Just for a few more facts, I also have Hashimoto and suffer from frequent migraines and my son has Crohn’s…..I know this fill-in facts can sometimes help others come to conclusions about their own situation. Thanks for all the info, everyone!

    • I’ve been GF and Df for 3 yrs now. I also suffered from constant migarines and Hashimoto’s. My last blood test, 6 mos ago, revealed I no longer have Hashimotos. I’ve read repeatedly how gluten intolerance can cause our thyroid to malfunction. I was not a believer until my blood test. I am also happy to say that my migraines have gottten better. I still have them, but less frequently. Instead of 3 to 6 migraine’s a week, I usually only have them 2 to 4 times a month. Depending on stress, sleep, exertion, and weather. Keep up the GF lifestyle, your body will thank you!!!

      • Oh, thanks so much Kimberly for taking the time to reply to my post. I’m so glad you feel better and so glad you have many fewer migraines. I’d gotten up to daily migraines a couple years ago, and started on some supplements that have helped. Now down to 12-15 a month, and they’re less severe as well. I’m hoping that the GF diet will get that down to where you are. I’m now on Day 11 and haven’t had a migraine this whole time! Stomach issues continue to be better, though not 100%. But will be patient! I’m a very persistent and patient person and promise I’ll be kind to myself and stay GF! Your support means so much. thanks.

  27. Hi, I was GF for a year (pos blood test), then had to get a endoscopy so they did several small intestine biopsies while they were in there, and they were negative. So I stopped GF. I felt fine for a little while, then was plagued with minor symptoms that I just learned to live with and thought were normal…..stomach cramping, diarrhea, rash etc. I recently went to the dr for this itchy gross rash on my elbows and knees and hes sending me for biopsies at a dermatologist to rule out dermatits herpitorm (celiac disease rash), and he did some blood work and my iga was elevated, severly iron deficient, vit d defiecient, b12 defiecient. He said that Im not absorbing my iron or minerals, probably due to gluten. He told me to go GF for 3 months , and believes that I have a gluten intolerance or mild celiac. He said the tests are very tricky, it all depends on the person. There are alot of false positives and false negatives. Since going GF I feel great. No digestive symptoms at all and bowels are moving daily and normal, Yay! Best part is my rash is almost gone , it started to clear up within a week of going GF. . My Gerd is one thing Im waiting on to see if it goes away. Its too soon to tell as I only get a painfull attack every few weeks. Good luck in your journey, and find a dr who is open to helping you. You dont need wheat anyways, it all hybridized garbage now!

    • Hi Kelly, Did you go back on a Gluten diet for several weeks BEFORE having the endoscope and biopsies? If you didn’t, then after 12 mths of Gluten Free I expect your results would be negative.

      • Jay, I was just trying to remember that myself! I know I had biopsy after doing the GF diet, but not sure how long between going off gluten and having the endoscopy. It may have been a few weeks. My gastro didnt mention it ahead of time so Im not really sure. Regardless Im feeling great so far. Time will tell…my rashes are almost healed already and no more stomach aches or diarrhea!
        By the way Jay, have you heard of enterolab? If so Do you believe in their theory?

  28. Thanks so much for taking time to reply, Kelly. I’m on several supplements that have greatly helped my migraines but am wondering if as my gut heals on the GF diet that I’ll no longer need some/all of them, based on your experience. I’m so glad you’re feeling great. I’m feeling much better and am waiting to feel even better. Still have some stomach problems but not anything like before. With support like yours I’ll keep GF!

    • Jeanne,
      Thats great your getting some relief. I too take a ton of supplements as I am defiencent in so many from not being able to absorb them in my intestines. Be patient, and yes, it helps to get support from others going through similar situations. Give it some more time….

  29. Sherrie Snider says:

    I have been gluten free for two months. Last night I ate raviolis. A whole bowl! An hour later I had hives and was having a hard time breathing. Took some Benadryl. The next day. I could hardly move and was still itchy. :(. Wll not ever ever eat gluten no matter how tempting!

    • Hi, Sherrie. Thanks for sharing your unsuccessful attempt at gluten! I hope you keep feeling better every day. I’m sorry you had to have that experience, though. Coincidentally, my daughter found a GF ravioli last week and I tried it. It’s Conte’s brand. I’m in the northeast, where we have a lot of Italian-American heritage. So, don’t know if you’d be able to find this where you are. We found it in the freezer section of our local Big Y, which is a supermarket chain in this area. It was in the area near the Udi’s bread and other frozen GF items. This ravioli was really good.

      • Hi Jeanne,
        I will go to the Big Y, down the street here in Amherst and look for those gluten free ravioli. I am always looking for yummy wheat-free alternatives. I have always enjoyed cooking but find it a real challenge now that I am gluten free. Thanks for the tip! Ronnie.

  30. I have been GF for about 10 days. I have an extensive family history (grandmother, mom, aunts, great aunts and a few cousins) of celiac but I tested negative for it. I had allergy testing done 2 years ago and I have a wheat sensitivity. I have basically ignored I have a sensitivity but I got to a point where I can’t take it anymore. My symptoms are stomach related and extreme exhaustian. I also have very low B and D3 levels. I finally bit the bullet with the help of a great friend and have tried GF. I cannot describe how amazing I feel! No “stomach” issues in over a week! I can actually get out of bed in the mornings. My husband even noticed that I was more active. I am trying to keep this up but I am still frustrated and grieving a bit. I am very thankful that there is more foods available now then when my grandmother was diagnosed in the 1980s. I find blogs like this wonderful for my motivation!

  31. I am on my third day of the GF diet. I have been to my doctor on multiple occasions over the last six years complaining of stomach issues and he always told me it was “just IBS”. No advice or anything, even though on one occasion he told me my bowels were three times bigger than they should be. It was only when I told him that my uncle had been diagnosed with bowel cancer that he finally referred me to a GI specialist, who immediately did a endoscopy/colonoscopy and found nothing – diagnosed IBS and told me to drink lots of water, eat fibre and sleep. Told me I would never figure out the source of my issues and if symptoms didn’t subside (chronic diarrhea, weight loss of up to ten pounds on a bad week, pain, gas, migraines etc), he would prescribe anti-depression and sleeping pills. NO THANKS. Headed to my local naturopath who finally listened and did a blood panel. Tested positive in IgA/IgG for beef, pork, lamb, eggs, gluten, rye and wheat. No diarrhea so far for the first time in months. I am still gassy but maybe that is because I am eating alot more veggies?? I am so desperate for this to work, I can’t believe how many doctors just want to drug you up and send you home with no relief. Good luck to everyone here, it’s so good to hear everyone’s experiences.

  32. Sue Bondi says:

    I have not been diagnosed as gluten sensitive or intolerant. However, I have thyroid disease and have dealt with that since my early 20s. I’m 51 and one year ago, I fell and badly broke my leg/ankle. After almost 6 hours of surgery to put my bones back together with a bunch of metal, my surgeon informed me that she had some blood tests done and they showed that I was extremely deficient in Vitamin D3. My levels were basically nonexistent.

    I started telling everyone I met/knew/talked to about having their D levels checked when they go in for their annual physicals and several (ok, many) people started telling me that they were also vitamin D deficient. I wondered what would cause that in people of all different sizes, races, backgrounds, ages and I started doing research on-line to try and find the common denominator. Wheat or gluten seemed to be it.

    Without any doctors telling me what I needed to do, I made the decision to go gluten free based on my research. It has taken me several months to convince my husband to try it with me because I LOVE bread, pasta, cookies, pastries, pizza, etc.and knew that if he continued to eat those things without me, I would never stay on the gluten free diet.

    The kicker is, I have a cousin who has been diagnosed with MS who (out of the blue) called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me she has found a miracle! She started a gluten free diet 3 months ago and is really not the same person I’ve always known all our lives. She is symptom free, pain free, energtic, able to walk without limping, able to see better and was so excited about it, she had to tell me to try it myself. After seeing the changes in her, my husband decided maybe we should give it a try also.

    Cutting out gluten is not easy as we have learned in the past week. We will not be eating out again any time soon until we learn more about this, because I have already had a setback because of a meal at a restaurant that I’m sure had gluten in it. I felt better after just 3 days of no gluten, but the same old symptoms arose after eating out. From talking to my cousin I know she continues to feel better with every week that goes by that she eats gluten free. As a person who used to barely be able to walk from the car to the house, she is now walking 5 miles a day and the pain and numbness in her feet and hands is virtually gone. I’m convinced and I hope to be feeling much better soon!

    One thing that she recommended (and I do too) is to take the time to write down EVERYTHING that affects you healthwise: stomach upsets, difference in bowel movements, pain, numbness, illnesses (thyroid disease or other immune system diseases), skin rashes, sores in your mouth, pain in your joints, absolutely anything and everything you can think of. It takes some time, but do it. As you eliminate the gluten from your diet, go back and look at your list and see if you are feeling any relief from any of those possible symptoms. And then, if you eat something with gluten in it, look and see how many of those symptoms rise up again. If you are gluten sensitive – you’ll be amazed as I am by the changes!

    • I too have thyroid and have been taking Synthroid for 8 years. I learned that Synthroid depletes your body of calcium, and I was SOO deficient of Vit D that I had to take 50,000IUs of it daily for 10 days before reducing to 10,000, now 5,000 daily.
      My naturopath wants me to get off Synthroid and take the natural supplements.

      • Sue and Deb,
        There is a natural thyroid called Armour Thyroid. For years I could get it at any pharmacy, inexpensively, and it worked great. But now the FDA has decided that for it to stay on the market the manufacturer must go through extensive, very expensive testing which was not in place years ago when it was first used. The alternative medical community knows it works and works well. However, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want to invest all that money and then have to sell it inexpensively. I am still able to get it, but must now get it at a compounding pharmacy, and it isn’t inexpensive there. Synthroid did not work for me, and when I tried it I actually had very cold hands and feet, so too little circulation to them, as well as no energy. It just doesn’t work for me.

  33. I have been suffering with hives constantly for the last 2 months out of the blue. Blood work is showing up fine, skin tests came back normal. I do suffer from constipation and don’t take anything for that. when I can’t go for a day or 2, that is when I get uncomfortable. I have been hearing and reading ciliac these last few days. Doctor said she didn’t test me for that cause I only went complaing about the hives, I mentioned that I wasn’t having stomach disconfort that day. I am wanting to try this g.f diet. I have for the past several years been eating whole grains wheat bread and so on. So this will be a change, I do have a question. How will this effect my boyfriend who is a diabetic, if I have him eat my diet can this effect him? Any suggestions for me to start with so I don’t feel hungry?

    • my little boy used to get hives every day (for the first 5 years of his life). no explanation. then we started him on zyrtec and as long as he took his pill every 24 hours, we kept the hives at bay. a little less than a month ago, we found a holistic doctor who suggested a gluten-free diet for him. he has been gluten-free for 20 days now, and he hasn’t taken zyrtec and he has had NO hives! – also, she told me that a gluten-free diet can curb and sometimes completely control diabetes! so – this should be good for both of you. :)

  34. Jeanne says:

    This diet won’t affect your diabetic friend as long as he watches his carbs, fats and proteins as usual. And I doubt you’ll feel hungry on this diet. I didn’t experience that when I first started on it. I hope this helps! Let us know how you’re doing!

  35. Hi. i have been gluten and dairy free for about 2 and a half onths. my doctor tested me and said i am low in a low of vitamins and my gluten wasnt in the range for celiac disease but it was high enough for her to want me off the gluten. she also got me off dairy for about 3 months and then i have to add it in but only raw high quality dairy.
    the reason i went to her was i had been suffering from acne and hair loss for about 4 years. i also bruise easy, have mood swings, am very irritable all the time.
    i had been on birth control which helped for about 2 years, but then its stopped helping. i wonder why did the birth control help if my hormones are fine. she said me thyroid is producing enough hormones but my receptors are a bit slow.
    i do think i have hormonal problems tho. i breakout more around my period and i get very very crabby and cant even stand myself. its horrible.
    Anyway, my skin and hair loss have gotten WORSE recently. i started my vitamin supplements about 2 weeks ago and my symptoms have worsened over the last week i would say. i am also suppose to get my period very soon, hopefully.
    how long will it take to see if it helps the acne and hair loss???
    i have checked all my supplements for dairy and gluten and they are safe.
    i cant figure it out. im so worried. im only 28 and my hair is coming out so much adn my face is so embarrasingly broken out.

    • Sara,
      My heart goes out to you, but that does not help you. My only suggestion would be to ask if you have seen a naturopath, a doctor of alternative medicine. I have been thru much (with my 14 year old daughter) and they find many things medical doctors do not. Also, if it doesnt work out with one, do not be dishearted, go to another. Do not stop asking and questioning and listening until you discover the cause. Let the alt doctor order tests or read the ones you have taken. Again, they see more. Post back here again and let us know how it goes. We panic when we do not know, so that is why you have to keep asking questions and find answers. My daughter is doing much better now and so will you. You WILL do it.

  36. I have had many symptoms for way too many years. Fatigue, brain fog, muscle weakness, muscle tension, muscle spasms, insomnia, nausea, vertigo, loss of words, can’t lose weight, everything I eat seems to make me tired, depression, anxiety, heart palpitations…did I mention fatigue????
    Had tests run recently and the only thing that showed up was with my heart…many fluctuations and so did I want to see a cardiologist or have a sleep study to see if I had sleep apnea? I already did enough research to know these could not be the answer. Went on to have a cortisol saliva test and was put on bio identical hormones. I also began a new way of eating as have known already I have some food intolerances. Felt great for two weeks and then ate out at a restaurant…had a pretty good (bad) relapse of fatigue, brain fog, etc. Decided to listen to what a PA told me…that I may be gluten intolerant and to try a G free diet to see. I am just beginning to work on that and doing searches online to find out just what I can eat. So far been living on rice cakes with almond butter, grapes, black berries amongst other things. Broke down and ate a personal size pizza one day…big mistake! Know I need to take this serious! I also began eating lots of green peppers, red peppers and cauliflower and then developed a stiff foot and ankle…one morning became quite alarmed as woke with the soreness and stiffness clear up to my knee!!! I was like…what the ????? read about a diet for arthritis and it said to stay away from peppers and cauliflower amongst other things. Any one know why I am suddendly having reactions to different foods besides the gluten? Also other things…hair spray, lotion, diff meds…my whole system seems to of changed somehow. I am wondering about what someone else shared…parasites…or an inside yeast infection. Where does one even start when you don’t have the funds to go for some good help? (of which there is none in my city where I live) Is there a way I can get through this with just the support of others like yourselves? I am becoming afraid…very afraid as to where this may lead me…what can happen to my health, my body if I don’t get this all figured out soon!!! And how does all of this even start? Where does it start? Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? I am going to try some things some of you suggested and do trial and error…isn’t that what the docs would have to do anyway?

  37. Jean, try to see a good naturopath. Some of your symptoms may be due to detox-ing and not a specific food, etc. They will usually have you do an elimination diet for a few weeks, then help you add back foods gradually. Hope you get some relief soon.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Joey. I did make an appointment with an alternative type of doctor later this month to help me unravel all of this. I was sick a lot as a kid and fibromyalgia runs in my family as does cancer making me wonder if it is food allergies. I am sure it is so personalized with each one of us! Good to have a place such as this one to listen to what others have found out…there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! I know our bodies will let us know things too…and mine has been saying, “Warning! Beep Beep Beep!!! Something is not right!!!” I’ve had fears of getting worse conditions and believe we can be warned of what will happen if we don’t make some changes.

  38. I have gone gluten free two other times and did not notice a difference in how I felt. I used to have severe stomach symptoms, but those passed about 10 years ago. Oh how I wish that I had stuck to the diet after being diagnosed with Celiac in 2003. Because I didn’t go on the diet, a whole host of horrible health issues arose. I got severe adrenal problems and severe neurological problems. Dizziness, stumbling, seizures, severe depression and anxiety worse than I’ve ever had, tingling/numbness and dysfunction in my legs, weakness throughout my body, double-vision, tingling in my hands, horrible memory problems (couldn’t finish a paragraph without forgetting how I started), the list goes on – seriously! I missed 6 months of work and saw 15 doctors of various types including MS neurologists. I even re-did my intestinal biopsies which were inconclusive this time. After 3 years of these health issues starting to creep in, the severe stuff started with a bang one night and I just haven’t been able to recover (a year and a half later). I am functional now, but still had rough fatigue, brain fog, depression and anxiety persisting. I decided to go gluten free again 3 weeks ago and felt a million times better in 1 week! My energy is back, my depression is gone (after 9 months of being severe and not showing much progress). My anxiety is gone as well (no more pressure in my chest or racing heart) and the fog on my brain is lifted. I can’t believe how I feel… the old me is mostly back. If only I had gone gluten-free 9 years ago when I had the chance… if anyone is intestinal symptom free, please don’t make the same mistake. I’ve been so sick and I almost didn’t survive it.

    • Coeliac Disease may be only one part of what is wrong with your system. As it is your bodys reaction to an allergy (Gluton) there may be many other things you are allergic to as well. Lactose reaction to milk often goes hand in hand with Coeliac for example.
      Asthma is an allergic reaction, so if you have had problems there it may well be a sign you are allergy hypersensitive.

      • Lactose intolerance often has to do with the fact that the part of the villi that processes lactose is at the tip and is gone from the celiac damage. After it heals, lactose intolerance can go away. All of the other allergens don’t tend to cause the kind of neurological and adrenal symptoms that I had. Not saying there’s nothing else wrong, but the whole world changed when I decided to try going off gluten again. My point is really for people to take note that intestinal symptoms are less and less the typical manifestation of Celiac and to pay attention to other issues that may vanish on GFD.

  39. I have had really bad bloating and gas and bowel issues for about a year now. I have had joint pain in my hips for a few years that I just live with. I am a martial artist so I work through the pain and workout 6 days a week pain and all. I have known for years that I was lactose intolerant and now believe I may be Gluten Intolerant as well. So for a week now I have cut Gluten, Lactose, and Sorbital out of my diet (artifical sweeteners supossedly can cause joint pain as well) My question is how long before I start to notice improvement with the bloating? and howlong before I start to notice relief with the joint pain.

  40. Hey every one, I am recently discovering that being gluten intolerante may be whats causing me to live so miserably for the past 4 years. I feel slightly nauseous at some point throughout every day, can rarely go out with friends or to the store without feeling weak, sick, and sometimes light headed, and on a daily basis feel a weird yet painful feeling when I press on my upper abdomen…. but pressing there kind of makes the super sick feeling subside. I can hardly go any where or do anything because I feel sick ALL THE TIME. I just want to be normal and have that feeling of being hungry, and food nourishing my body rather than making it feel worse. This coming week I plan on starting a whole new gluten free diet. Does it sound like that could be my problem? Those of you who know what the effects are.

  41. I have had fibromyalgia-like symptoms for 20 years and have been on Protonix PPI meds for 15 years for acid reflux and heartburn. Three months ago I was on vacation and started having a very bad flare-up. I doubled my PPI meds, that didn’t work, so my gastro put me on Dexilant, the gold standard in acid reducing meds at $7 a pill. In the past it always worked I mediately to stop the burning pain and belching. This time it disn’t work and Inwas also very bloated and gassy, but no other lower GI problems. I ran this all by my naruropath and she had me get tested by Enterolab for gs, and I took the gene test as well. Results showed I have two genes for celiac and gs, as well as lots of antibodies for gluten, as well as coe’s milk, eggs and soy. This was so overwhelming that for Now I am concentrating on just being gluten free as that is enough of a challenge, especially since we do eat out quite a bit. I am cooking more though, but thank goodness for PF Chang’s and and another restaurant with a GF menu. I have been off gluten for 5 weeks now, with one week back on it to see if I noticed a difference. My problem is I don’t notice any difference in my reflux at all, and I am on triple doses of meds. This is frustrating because Even though Inrealize Imhave to be off gluten for the rest of my life, I’m not convinced there is any connection to the acid reflux, and I have no real answer as to why it’s not going away. My gastro thinks Enterolab is a bunch of “hooey,” but my internist is on board with the findings. My naturopath and internist say the other food sensitivities may well go away if I stay off the gluten, as they are probably cross reactions. I am seeing an allergist in July to see if she concurs.

  42. Give yourself time, things will change. And it always helps to give yourself perspective to see ootside yourself. I will tell you my 13 year old daughter has been avoiding those things and much more for over a year now. She has had trouble since a tiny age. Docs don’t see it. Naturopaths are the only ones who helped. Here’s the good news: she has improved greatly, but by being absolutely strict to her program. It is harder than you can imagine for a kid socially, but we bring food everywhere. We have found cooperating restaurants who know us and cook for her. I bake bread, make dressings, condiments, etc, you name it! But now she can eat so much more with no reaction, its crazy unbelievable, i dont have to make nearly as much! You can do this and in time it wont be so hard. First 6-12 months is hardest time. Once you feel better, I assure you, you’ll agree its worth the effort. Stay with the naturopath! (And have them check yeast and parasites. A common cause of digestive breakdown and other seemingly unrelated problems.)

  43. BTW, ours uses Enterolab too. Quality.

  44. So glad I found this site. Not sure if i have celiac – but my guess is yes – or at least a mild form of it, ‘carbs’ just abt do me in. Has anybody experienced foot and/or ankle swelling before switching to gluten free ?? thank you !

  45. I’ve been gluten free for about 7 or 8 weeks now if you don’t count the two times I cheated, once for an entire week, and once for less than 24 hours. I wanted to see if I noticed anything different. My primary problem is acid reflux, really serious, that’s not being completely handled by acid reducing prescription medication in large doses. I have been really sick for 4 months now, I have a few good days here and there with many more bad days. In addition, the reflux is also causing asthma, so it’s a double whammy. Enterolab says I’m gluten intolerant. When I go back to eating it I don’t notice anything right away, but about 48 hours later my acid reflux seems to get worse, but I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not, or even if there’s any connection to my reflux, which could also be a structural issue. Hard to tell because I don’t get the diarrhea so many others get when I eat gluten. I have an important question: If I don’t have celiac but have the intolerance, what about the gluten free foods I’ve been eating that have been prepared on shared equipment or in kitchens that prepare wheat? I have basically been eating that whole class of foods because otherwise I would go crazy and not be able to eat out anymore. I don’t have the energy to cook three meals a day 7 days a week, and I am a big foodie besides, and my retired husband and I travel a lot. Please don’t tell me I have to give up those “iffy” foods as well. I haven’t noticed that they bother me, but then again, my reflux problem hasn’t by any means gotten any better since I’ve been “gluten free”.

  46. Hi, Diane. Well, what you first need to understand is that you haven’t really been gluten free at all yet. “Cheating”, as you call it, undermines your whole attempt. And as far as trying to see if the new diet improves or even eliminates specific issues you have, you need to be patient. When I started on my GF diet, I was advised to not eat out at all in the beginning; just too easy to pick up stray gluten in restaurant foods. As long as you ‘cheat’, you still are exposing your system to gluten, and so any adverse reactions your body will have, it will still have. You can’t just ‘cut down on’ something that you have an allergy or intolerance for. Has to be cold turkey. So, no, I wouldn’t expect any of your symptoms to be better at this point, if you’re suspecting gluten, because you haven’t eliminated it. Research online, as your doctor, get some books from the library—whatever you prefer to do. If you want to feel better you have to do yourself the favor of taking seriously whatever approach you decide to try. I’m now in my 5th month of GF and continue to see improvement, especially in the symptom that originally got me started, my gut. I also no longer have migraines or insomnia, with which I’d been plagued for decades. Best of luck to you on your quest to feel better!

    • Jeanne, Actually, I have been extremely diligent about not consuming anything with gluten, except for the two times I went off to see what would happen. I do not have celiac. I do not eat anything with gluten in it, and I do not order anything with gluten when I am out. I always go to places that can accommodate me. I’m not able to stop eating out, I’m not going to stop living. I’ve been told by others, including my alternative doctor, that unless I have celiac, I don’t need to be that careful about the shared equipment issue, I really doubt that I am that sensitive. I know this is controversial and this is a gray area. My only symptom is acid reflux, which may not even be connected to gluten, my doctors don’t think it is. This is the best I can do. My husband still eats gluten, and I can’t ask him to give it up. I’ve never baked or used flour, so I don’t have that issue of it getting in things in my kitchen. I agree that I shouldn’t have cheated, and I don’t plan on doing that again. I will probably end up canceling our long-planned trip to Italy in September because it will be no fun if I can’t eat pasta, pizza or gelato.

      • Dianne,

        I was planning on going to Italy last year and did some research and found out that Italy is very aware of the gluten issue and it is probably much easier to find gluten free over there than it is here. Google it and you will see, you must DEFINATELY go to Italy.

        • Hi Joey, Jeanne and Lisa,
          Yes, I’ve also read that about Italy. If we were just going to Italy I wouldn’t be too worried, and we will spend several days there, but the main part of the trip is a Mediterranean cruise, and I am not convinced, after talking with someone at the line in charge of traveler special food requests, that they will be able to accommodate me very easily, they just didn’t seem to get it, kept asking if I was allergic or just intolerant, and said they had GF bagels, bread, pancakes, etc. What I wanted to know was, could they prepare a lot of the dishes minus gluten for me and I never got a straight answer, just a runaround, so I may call back soon and try my luck again.

          • Does anyone on here know of anyone whose acid reflux was cured by a gluten free diet? That is my overwhelming problem and the reason I got tested in the first place. Trouble is, I have searched the Internet for people whose reflux was cured by a GF diet and can’t find a one, but ironically, I did read quite a few posts from people who developed acid reflux after going GF!

  47. Hi,
    I was diagnosed with ME six years ago. I have also suffered from gut problems which can be a symptom of ME. I was eventually refered to a gastroenterologist who arranged for a colonoscopy and endoscopy to be carried out. Both came back clear which was good but I was still left with my problems ( diarrhea or very loose bowels almost daily and feeling generally yuk). I was told that both stool samples had shown inflammation so he wanted me to have a capsule endoscopy. I hadn’t heard of this procedure before but was intrigued by what I read up on the web. I ended up getting it done private as I felt so bad and it was going to take ages to get it done then wait for results etc on the NHS. It came back clear which again was good. The Dr that carried out the procedure suggested I try a wheat free diet and to get my own GP to do a test for coelliac. Since being on the wheat free for about 10 days I have had really bad smelling flatulance. I’m hoping it’s due to the change of diet. Has anyone experienced these symptoms? I have been really good and not taken any food I shoudn’t.

  48. Wow, I can’t believe how many people have a wheat intolerance. Here I was thinking I was special :P
    I only found out I had a wheat intolerance a week and a half ago. But I can feel the difference already. I was always fatigued, grumpy and and out of the blue I would get terrible stomach pains. I went to my doctor over a year ago about it, but she just kept telling me “Your a growing teenager, it’s normal for you to feel this way” – But none of my friends felt this way.
    So I went to a naturopath and he was amazing, after 20 minutes he knew exactly what was wrong. I had a wheat intolerance.
    I don’t feel so lethargic or grumpy any more but my body does know something’s different. I get super hungry and eat much more than I used to but I guess wheat is probably in a lot of foods to make you feel full. And I get some serious sugar cravings. So now instead of grabbing a packet of chips or some cookies, I grab a banana or apple. I think I’ve eaten more fruit in this past week and a bit then I would usually eat in a month. Mostly because I’m used to being able to just grab something to eat, now I’d have to basically make a meal. Who said a teenager’s lazyness was a bad thing ? I’m healthier because of it.

  49. Moira,

    Don’t get discouraged. Everyone’s symptoms and healing are different, but your body has to clear out all the “gunk” that the wheat was creating, so more than likely you are detoxing.

    Look it up online…..detoxing has lots of symptoms

  50. Hi, Moira. My first 2 days on GF were awful: could hardly stay out of the bathroom, much worse pain and diarrhea. On Day 3 I started to feel better. So, I agree with Joey that probably your system is reacting to having the allergen taken away. Also, you may want to check your GF foods for tapioca. It’s another common allergen that most of us don’t usually eat much….til we go GF. A GF friend of mine discovered she’s sensitive to tapioca and so she has to avoid it. Perhaps you are, too? Stick with the diet; I think a lot of us recognize the symptoms you were having before going GF and agree that you may well feel much better as the weeks and months go by. (It takes a while to really heal in there: I’m in month 5 and still seeing improvement, so be patient.)

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