Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes

I am ready to get started on some Thanksgiving cooking! I’m not sure that it’s going to happen today, but I thought I would at least start a list of the the gluten free recipes that are here on the blog. These are not all of our recipes. I’ve tried to note which recipes are included in my new cookbook, Thankfully Gluten Free and which recipes are included in my Thanksgiving Cooking Class (because you might want to watch the step-by-step videos).

Turkey & Stuffing:

Thanksgiving Sides:

Thanksgiving Desserts:

Thanksgiving Leftovers:


  1. Not sure if you already know, but some of your links in this don’t work (gravy and the cream of mushroom tutorial are the ones I was interested in).

  2. Thanks, Alissa. We fixed the links.

  3. Thanks for a Thanksgiving round up. I’ll share Pumpkin Custard, Hold the Dairy

  4. I made a very yummy Pumpkin Souffle with homemade caramel sauce recently that I am definitely making for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious. Here’s a link to my blog post about it:

  5. What a great idea! I just wrote a recipe post about a dish I made last night that my family LOVED and have said it would be amazing to have at Thanksgiving. As the only vegetarians at the meal it’s exciting to have a main dish yummy enough to rival the turkey. And, of course, it’s gluten-free as well.

  6. Hmm, I thought I commented this morning, but maybe it didn’t go through. My recipe is here: It’s a really great concocted-on-the-spot shepherd’s pie that turned out so great my family has requested it for holiday meals this winter. Vegan and gluten-free!

  7. Just put up a new post with another recipe for gluten free Thanksgiving — an easy and yummy black bean stuffed mushroom. I use it as a delicious side (or main for vegetarians) or an appetizer. Enjoy!

  8. Louise Poplawski says:

    I love the website it has been very helpful. I have been trying
    to make bread for two years. I would like to try your receipe for my 19yr old son who loves bread. I would like to use a bread oven but do not know what brand works best. Could you suggest one you like best and what settings you use.

    Lost in the GF Bread world!!! Louise

  9. I have another recipe to share — a great gluten free side, appetizer, or vegetarian main dish. Black bean stuffed mushrooms — the recipe and blog post are here:

  10. my 14yr old son was diagnosed with celiac disease in september and i was really freaked out about thanksgiving until i found your website. thanks for all the great recipes :)

  11. I wanted to thank you for compiling this list! This my second gluten-free Thanksgiving, gotta love Ciliacs. Last year I pretty much had to stick to turkey and potatoes(sans gravy), my dad tried to make a gravy with cornstarch, bless his heart. But this year, they are making more of a conscious effort to make Thanksgiving more Ciliac friendly. So thank you for taking time to put this together to share with others.

  12. I have gluten allergy since childhood. I am always on a Gluten Free diet and i use guar gum in some of may baked foods.


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