Gluten Free Menu – July 14th

I hadn’t planned on posting my menu for the week since I didn’t finish it until lunch today. But just looking at the list makes me happy so I thought I’d share. All of the meals that are not linked are test recipes, so let me know which ones you’re interested in seeing.

Gluten Free (and Vegetarian) Menu

Day 1: Spinach Meatball Sandwiches
Day 2: Black Bean Taco Salad
Day 3: Summer Veggie Quesadillas
Day 4: White Bean “Crab Cakes” with Roasted Corn and Tomato Salad
Day 5: Black Bean Burgers and Curried Sweet Potato Fries
Day 6: Grilled Goat Cheese and Pepper Pizza

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And. . .

A Surprise for the Weekend

Note: This post will be submitted to the Gluten Free Menu Swap, hosted this week by Gluten Free Mommy.


  1. Oooh! I want the white bean crab cakes and the roasted corn and tomato salad! That sounds awesome!

  2. Sign me up for the Black Bean Burger recipe, please!

  3. Pat Blackler says:

    I would like the black bean crab cake recipe

  4. @Pat Blackler: I’ll definitely be posting these in the next few weeks. The bean crab cakes were amazing!

  5. I am sooo glad I stumbled onto this site. I am looking forward to the crab cake and black bean burger recipes. I will be tuning in for sure!

  6. @Kellie: The crab cake recipe should be this week. The black bean burger recipe is waiting on me to call Dale’s Steakhouse to make sure Dale’s Sauce is GF.


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