Gluten Free Menu – December 31st

It’s a new year and time to start planning meals again after a couple of weeks of kitchen madness.  For some crazy reason I thought that not planning meals would make the holiday season easier, but boy was I ever wrong! I’m so tired of trying to come up with a meal and not having everything I need on hand. So here’s to a new year, new menu plans, new recipes, and new friends =)

Monday: Sweet Potato Peanut Stew and Salad

Tuesday: Black-Eyed Peas & Collard Greens

Wednesday: Vegetarian Chili, Salad

Thursday: Sushi, Japanese Salad

Friday: Red Beans & Rice, Mustard Greens

Saturday: Ravioli, Greek Salad

Sunday: Gluten Free Pizza, House Salad


  1. Hey Mary Frances!
    I’ll be back in gear with my menu next week, or at least I hope to be! Yours sounds delicious as always! One night this week I’m trying out your black bean enchiladas!! ;-)

    Happy gluten-free new year eating!!

  2. Mmm your peanut stew and your red beans & rice sound like they need to go on my next menu!

  3. They are exceptionally good! I wish I could take credit for them =)

  4. I hope you like them! I enjoyed reading your post today about your eating strategy for January. I think it’s great that you two are going at it gradually, rather than one drastic change.

    P.S. I tried my grandmother’s recipe for Chocolate Oatmeal cookies (very similar to your Preacher Cookies) and completely messed them up again! I’ve never been able to get them to come out right and was pretty ticked that I wasted 2 c. of gluten free oats. So I scraped them all into a tupperware container and have been eating a few spoonfuls every night =)

  5. Mary Frances,
    I think you aren’t heating the sugar and butter long enough.. or maybe adding too many oats… I did that last time. Next time I’m only adding 2 cups of oats, I think I added close to 3 last time. They come out chewy for me though if I don’t boil the butter and sugar long enough though! I love those cookies! ;-) None for me this month!! lol

    by the way, I loved your sugar cookie posts! very very interesting! That was so wierd to see how they turned out creamed or not fully creamed!!

  6. I think you’re right. The recipe that I followed only called for boiling the butter and sugar for 90 seconds while yours says 3 to 5 minutes. However my Mom made it the night before with the same recipe and hers worked fine. Can you mess it up by boiling it too long?