Gluten Free Groceries for $1/lb

Confession here: I’m not good at budget grocery shopping. However, I do want to be a good steward with our money and our income is variable, so I’ve decided that I need to get some help =)

Help for me has come in the form of a grocery shopping coach – Patti Laurens. I had a coaching call with Patti last week and decided to try an experiment this week. I went to the grocery store and tried to only buy foods that cost less than $1/lb (that’s $06.25/oz).

Here’s a picture of what I bought:


Now the fun part of this experiment is that I get to figure out what too cook with all of these foods. So far we’ve had a delicious Arroz Con Pollo for supper, rice and eggs for breakfast, a Chicken Cheakpea Curry, salads, and Honeydew Granitas. Not bad!


  1. How did you do this? I am starting to coupon and this looks really helpful

    • Brittany, There will be many more posts about this in the coming weeks and months. Patti’s advice is phenomenal. John and I’ve both read her book now and are both excited to realize that WE CAN save money at the grocery store. We’d both thought it was a hopeless cause until Patti =)

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