Crusts, Carrots, Coupon Codes, and Cute Baby Toes

Gluten free Buttermilk Pie

Gluten free Buttermilk Pie

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a couple of the Impossibly Easy Pies with my gluten free biscuit mix and wanted to share my observations thus far.


  1. First off, it is quite a pain in the rear to mix up 1/2 cup of biscuit mix just to make a pie. Go ahead and make up a big batch so that you can have pie now and biscuits on Saturday morning.
  2. The Spinach Parmesan Pie is not very tasty. Thankfully my one year old is still accustomed to bland foods so he ended up eating 75% of the pie.
  3. On the other hand, since I do want to find my abs again someday, I will not be making this buttermilk pie again anytime soon. I ate 100% of it.
  4. I did use xanthan gum in the mix for this first round of experiments and it didn’t seem to affect the texture of the pie negatively.
  5. The bottom crust is not very crust-like. However, it does hold together so that you can cut a piece of pie and lift it out without everything falling apart. I think I’m okay with this – it’s the trade-off for being able to have a quick and easy gluten free pie.
  6. A thicker, more biscuit like crust formed on the sides and around the top edge of the pie.


The other night I needed to make a pantry supper and the only fresh vegetable that we had was a bag of carrots. As a kid, I detested cooked carrots. I remember gagging in horror when my mom served Copper Penny Carrots. I’ve concluded that the error that many people make in cooking carrots is to add lots of additional sugar. Carrots are naturally sweet, and you can best enhance that by adding savory flavors when you cook them.  Here’s what I threw together for our supper. There were no leftovers.

Mary’s Savory Carrots

2 carrots per person
1 green onion per person
enough vegetable stock to cover the carrots (a little more than a cup, maybe?)
1/2 Tbsp. honey per person
a sprinkle of ground allspice (optional)

Slice the carrots into circles. finely chop the green onions. Put the carrots and onions into a pot and add enough vegetable stock (or chicken stock) to cover. Stir in the honey. Cook over medium heat until carrots are tender.

Coupon Codes

Amazon is running several gluten free sales this month. All of the Betty Crocker gluten free mixes are 15% off. Namaste  baking and entree products are 10% off. Pamela’s baking mixes and cookies are 10% off.Nature’s Path and EnviroKidz cereals and cereal bars are also 10% off.

These are the coupon codes that you’ll need at checkout. Click Here to go to the sales page.
Betty Crocker Coupon code: BCGLFREE
Namaste Coupon code:NMST7II9
Pamela’s Coupon code:PMLAI822
Nature’s Path and EnviroKidz Coupon code: ENVR9333

Cute Toes

Baby L arrived a few weeks ago, and  as promised, here are a couple of pictures. She’s doing well, but her momma could use some more sleep.


  1. Shelley says:

    Great recipe! Kinnikinnick has an article on their blog about food and non-food products which have gluten “hidden” within them – like soy sauce and sun screen! Some good food for thought… Thanks, Shelley | Kinnikinnick Foods

  2. Amanda Johnson says:

    Hi, We used to have Bisquick impossible pie all of the time. The crusts never were like a traditional crust. They always were a little soggy and nondescript if you like flaky crusts. I actually like soggy crusts so I’m fine w/ it. From your picture it looks like you are right on target with your recipe.

    My favorite of the impossible pies was a coconut custard kind of impossible pie. Sinful quantities of eggs (we had chickens and always too many eggs lol) and coconut. It was much like a coconut custard pie w/o the crust.