Pasta, Po’Boys and Pineapple: What’s on our table

Tofu with Pineapple and Bell Peppers

Last night’s supper was delicious AND fast.  That’s not a combination that happens by chance in my household.  Most of our meals are delicious….they just tend to take a while to cook.  The time that a recipe takes has never before been a criteria when I was choosing our meals. That has changed. Now that […]

Starting a Gluten Free Diet: Free Menu Plan

Free Menu Plan: As promised, here is a free menu plan for the first week of your gluten free diet. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, head over to our sign-up page, register for the newsletter (it’s all free!) and you’ll get the download instructions for the gluten free diet menu plan. If […]

Eggnog French Toast

David was feeling left out of the camera action

This is a picture of my stove the morning after Christmas. The monkey bread that I made on Christmas morning was a little dry and the only milk-like substance in the house was a half empty carton of Silk Eggnog. So my little elf helper and I pulled out “Joy of Cooking” (picture a dirty […]

An Overflowing Menu

Menu Planning for Two (weeks that is): Sometimes it really helps me to brainstorm my menus in my blogging software….and since the menu is already in a post, I thought I’d share it with you. If any of the meals, catch your eye, let me know in the comments and I’ll make a note to […]

Thoughts on Life and Cooking

For the past few weeks. . . or maybe months, I’ve been in a holding pattern. I keep waiting for life to ease up, so that I can spend time cooking. I keep waiting to feel less queasy, and waiting for a clean house, and waiting for more energy, and waiting for a creative thought.  […]

A Gift For My Dear Readers, and This Week’s Menu

I promised you a surprise for this weekend and I’ve finally gotten it finished. If you’ll look at the top of my blog (RSS and email readers, click here to visit the blog) you’ll see a new tab called “Free Menu Plan”. And if you go to the tab you’ll find a sign-up form for […]

Gluten Free Menu – July 14th

I hadn’t planned on posting my menu for the week since I didn’t finish it until lunch today. But just looking at the list makes me happy so I thought I’d share. All of the meals that are not linked are test recipes, so let me know which ones you’re interested in seeing. Gluten Free […]

An Asian Inspired Menu

Sometimes a girl just needs some indulgence time. And after a week of everyone being sick with high fevers, that’s what I’m hoping this coming week will be. I really want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a plate full of Chinese take-out. I took care of the book situation […]

Menu Monday: June 30th

Just a quick post to share my menu for the week with you. Most of this week’s recipes are from a cookbook published by my high school. I was pleasantly surprised to find several recipes that sounded good and did not have a lot of gluten containing ingredients. Replacing the meat in some of these […]

Gluten Free Menu Swap – June 2nd

Here’s a look at what I’ll be making for supper this week. After one day on the Eat to Live plan, I can report the following: (1) that I haven’t been hungry, (2) that everything we’ve eaten has tasted really good, and (3) that I had to get John to hide the chocolate chips =) […]

Gluten Free Menu – May 11th

I wasn’t going to do a menu for this week, but decided I had nothing better to do while finishing off a slice of gluten free Dutch Apple Pie. Yum =)   So without further ado, here’s my menu: Monday: Spinach Enchiladas and Southwest Black Bean Salad with Baked Spiced Goat Cheese that I didn’t […]

Gluten Free Menu Swap – May 5th

I’m so happy! I’m finally planning our menu for the first time in months and I’m really excited about trying some new recipes. My inspiration for this week’s menu is the cookbook Beans by Eliza Green. We bought this cookbook before we switched to a vegetarian diet because we knew we need to learn how […]

Gluten Free Menu Swap – February 10th

As I mentioned in 10 Strategies to Lower My Grocery Bill – Part 1 I have a grocery budget of $600 a month, which is currently broken down to $300 per pay check. One of our strategies for staying on our overall budget this year is to use the envelope system. So when I got […]

Gluten Free Menu Swap – February 4th

gluten free menu swap

Sunday has rolled around again and it’s time for Gluten Free Menu Swap. This week’s Swap is hosted by Sally at Aprovechar, so stop by her blog on Monday to get the full roundup. My menu this week was based on the staples that I already had in the pantry: rice, beans, and gluten free […]

Gluten Free Menu Swap – January 21st

David eating spinach and hummus

I haven’t planned my menu yet. We went shopping on Thursday and I just bought a ton of vegetables and normal pantry stocking things.  But it’s 10:18 on Sunday night and I need to get this post up, so I’m going to share my general thoughts and ideas of what we’ll be eating over the […]