Can a Gluten Free Cake Be “The Best Cake That You’ve Ever Eaten”?

Well. . . the 6 families that taste-tested my latest cake recipes thought so. And they don’t normally eat gluten free food!

Here’s what one of the moms posted to her Facebook account:

“Mary Frances Pickett, owner of and a fellow full-time RVer is KILLING me. She’s FORCING me to give her the the use of my oven so she can test [cake] recipes. Um yeah. The smells of the food in my RV are TO. DIE. FOR.”

and then a few hours later.

Oh landsakes. You that know friend of mine who owns – the same one who tortured me today by using my oven? I just tasted the cake she made. It was YUMMY! YUMMY! The boys devoured it. I always thought Gluten Free meant cardboard tasting. yeah. I was SOOOOOO wrong!

I met up with another of the moms the next night to do laundry and she asked for the recipe. Evidently her husband had said,

“Don’t take this the wrong way. I like your cakes. But THIS is the best cake I’ve ever eaten.

Learn to bake the Best Cakes In the World….that just happen to be gluten free (and casein free!). February’s featured cooking class – Gluten Free Cakes 101 contains video tutorials, my best cake baking tips and three delicious cake recipes.

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  1. Mary Francis – that cake was SOOOOO good!!! Thanks for testing on us :D

  2. I want to sign up for a cake or bread making class but I am uncertain about how it works. If I purchase a class, can I access it anytime? How long will it be available to me? What if I have questions during the lesson?
    —Dee Dee

  3. The marble cake recipe is wonderful! I’m still learning…everyday…how to do the gluten free cooking! This cake did not last long in our RV as I shared it with fellow gluten intolerant RVers here in the resort! What a hit! Will be making it a lot along with the “No Corn for Me Bread”. The best gluten free bread I’ve ever tasted! It took me a while to get it right, but it is sure worth it!

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