Irish Cousin Sandwich Buns – A Gluten Free, Yeast Free Bread


For many years I would attempt to make Irish Soda Bread on St. Patrick’s day. The results were generally less than spectacular, and didn’t hold much allure after the festivities of the day. To be honest, I found this quite frustrating and I set out on an attempt to see if I’d just been using […]

All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix Recipe

This is the first post that I wrote for this blog and it was time for an update. I’ve added the weights of the flours and changed a few of the alternative ingredients to reflect the flours I use now. Even six years later, this flour mix is still my first choice when I’m converting […]

The Beginnings of a Great Birthday Cake: A Recipe for a Two Layer Gluten Free Yellow Cake

gluten free confetti cake

My kids love to browse the boxes of cakes mixes at the grocery store. They know that we can’t eat them, but they still love to look. One of their favorites (to look at) are the cakes mixes that have sprinkles inside the cake. All of my kids LOVE sprinkles. If we have sprinkles at […]

How Do I Get My High Fiber Cereal Fix on a Gluten Free Diet?

Are you a high-fiber cereal junkie? I was. Before I started a GF diet I thought the most healthful part of my diet had to be the bowl full of high-fiber cereal and 2% milk that I had every morning. Boy, was I ever wrong! The wheat in the high-fiber cereals was creating chronic back […]