Why Do Gluten Free Products Cost So Much?

Have you wondered why gluten free products are so expensive? Read today’s guest post from Chris Bekermeier at PacMoore, a certified gluten free food manufacturer, to find out why. Gluten-free is the latest buzz in nutrition circles. The rise of celiac disease has moved the gluten-free concept into the mainstream marketplace, filling retail shelves with […]

How to Get Your Nutritional Needs Met on a Gluten-Free, Casein-Free (GFCF) Diet

I get quite a few questions from readers who want to know how a gluten free diet will affect them nutritionally. Since that’s not my area of expertise, I went to my friend Tovah to get an answer for a mom who recently wrote it, concerned about how to give her autistic child a well-balance […]

Can a Gluten Free Cake Be “The Best Cake That You’ve Ever Eaten”?


Well. . . the 6 families that taste-tested my latest cake recipes thought so. And they don’t normally eat gluten free food! Here’s what one of the moms posted to her Facebook account: “Mary Frances Pickett, owner of www.glutenfreecookingschool.com and a fellow full-time RVer is KILLING me. She’s FORCING me to give her the the […]