Eggnog French Toast

David was feeling left out of the camera action

This is a picture of my stove the morning after Christmas. The monkey bread that I made on Christmas morning was a little dry and the only milk-like substance in the house was a half empty carton of Silk Eggnog. So my little elf helper and I pulled out “Joy of Cooking” (picture a dirty […]

Biscuits with Sawmill Gravy

On the menu for Christmas Brunch: Biscuits with Sawmill Gravy

Christmas preparations in our house are way behind schedule. So far I’ve put the Christmas music in the stereo and ordered gifts. That’s it! I’m still holding out hope that I’ll get a Christmas tree up and make a batch of Sugar Cookies on Christmas Eve. (Maybe we’ll celebrate the twelve days of Christmas this […]

Taco Soup

Weather reports say that we may get snow tomorrow! It’s been YEARS since we got a good snow, so we get way overexcited when there’s even a chance. And when it’s snowy outside, soup seems like the only acceptable dinner. Luckily we still have one last container of Taco Soup in the freezer. Taco Soup […]

Spoonbread Corn Muffins Inspired by Tayst in Nashville

Spoonbread Corn Muffins - gluten free yumminess

The thermometer mercury is dropping here in Alabama and I’m ready for some good, hearty non-Thanksgiving food before I start the Christmas baking. So I made up a new corn muffin recipe. A few months ago we ate dinner at Tayst in Nashville and they served us the most delicious corn muffins. They were much […]

A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only four days away and I will be in charge of all of the cooking this year.  (Mom is on the DL) So, it’s high time that I planned the menu! We’re having a low-key Thanksgiving this year; just my mom and dad, John, David and myself.  I want to keep the dishes […]

Dad’s Brown White Rice


My mind has been drifting towards Thanksgiving this week and I’ve been testing out a few side dishes. Side dishes are, after all, my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal and all of you give me a great excuse to enjoy them for weeks instead of one little weekend. This recipe is from my Dad […]

An Overflowing Menu

Menu Planning for Two (weeks that is): Sometimes it really helps me to brainstorm my menus in my blogging software….and since the menu is already in a post, I thought I’d share it with you. If any of the meals, catch your eye, let me know in the comments and I’ll make a note to […]

Thoughts on Life and Cooking

For the past few weeks. . . or maybe months, I’ve been in a holding pattern. I keep waiting for life to ease up, so that I can spend time cooking. I keep waiting to feel less queasy, and waiting for a clean house, and waiting for more energy, and waiting for a creative thought.  […]

Gluten Free Pizza: Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Homemade Pizza Crust a Little on the Dark Side

A recipe for a crisp homemade gluten free pizza crust.

Parmesan Penne with Roasted Vegetables


Simple meals like this pasta dish have abounded on our dining room table lately.  It’s not the prettiest dish I’ve ever served (and this is a particularly unfortunate picture), but it’s hot and cheesy and delicious. Just what I need when I want to save my remaining energy for bed time cuddles with super silly […]

Light and Fluffy Gluten Free Biscuits

Grated Butter about to be mixed into flour

A happy accident a few weeks ago led to yet another change in my gluten free drop biscuits recipe. I ran out of soy flour and added an additional 1/2 c. of cornstarch to make up for the shortfall. The result. . . fluffy, tender biscuits that I would put up against anyone’s gluten filled […]

Your Gluten Free Bread Baking Questions Answered

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

Answers to the most common questions about baking gluten free bread.

White Bean “Crab Cakes” with Savory Peach and Corn Salad

Gluten Free White Bean Crab Cakes with Savory Peach and Corn Salad

Want homemade crab cakes without the fuss of dealing with the crab? Try these white bean “crab” cakes for a tasty, healthful, inexpensive and gluten free supper.

Two Minutes to Homemade Bread

Bag of Gluten Free Bread Mix Ready to be Labeled

Making homemade bread is easy when you have a stash of homemade bread mix in the freezer. Follow along as I make a stash of my favorite gluten free bread mix.

The End of Chinese Takeout Cravings: Yummy, Yummy, Eggrolls


Any time your husband uses the phrase “pink foam” to describe part of the meal you just served him, you know it’s not a good night. So, tonight’s supper will not be making it into a post any time soon. Instead, we’re going to focus on the wonderful goodness I served up a few weeks […]