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By Mary Frances Pickett


A Slacker’s Guide To A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: 14 Days Before Thanksgiving

November 14, 2013

Before you can fully plan for Thanksgiving you need to know three things:

1) where you are eating Thanksgiving
2) who is doing the cooking, and
3) how many people need gluten free Thanksgiving dishes

This may be simple…okay, it IS simple. But I’ve still procrastinated about it for a month.

Today’s assignment: Write and send all texts, emails or FB messages needed to determine the answers to the above questions. This is also a good time to talk about cross-contact issues, i.e. ways gluten could accidentally get into your gluten free food. If someone else will be cooking for you, see if there’s a way that you can help with procuring gluten free recipes or gluten free ingredients for them.


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