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  Menu Monday: June 30th

Gluten Free Menus  

Just a quick post to share my menu for the week with you. Most of this week’s recipes are from a cookbook published by my high school. I was pleasantly surprised to find several recipes that sounded good and...

  What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks?

Living Gluten Free  

I need your help!  I was perusing the gluten free cookbook section of Amazon last week and was dismayed to see how many of the cookbooks had negative feedback. Can you imagine how discouraging it must be to start a...

  Gluten Free Red Velvet Cake

Gluten Free Bread Recipes  

There are so many things that I should tell you about this gluten free Red Velvet Cake.  I should tell you about how I baked it this morning while wearing a wrap dress, floral apron, high heels and pearls and looked...

  Multi-Grain Flat Bread: Gluten Free Bread Without Starch

Gluten Free Bread Recipes Gluten Free Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes  

If you haven’t guessed by now, most gluten free bread recipes are a bit scarce in the nutrients we’re accustomed to seeing in wheat bread. One reason is that wheat breads are usually fortified with...

  Free Gluten Free Coaching by Phone – Sign up Now!


Have you ever wished there was someone you could call when your bread falls in the middle for the umpteenth time? Or maybe a friendly voice to offer encouragement and guidance during those first few gluten free...

  Pineapple Mango Salsa

Gluten Free Snack Recipes Gluten Free Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes  

Have you ever seen the pineapple mango salsa at Whole Foods? In the store near our house, it’s almost always out for sample in the produce aisle and we almost always make sure we stop for a bit. We never...

  Gluten Free Menu Swap – June 2nd

Gluten Free Menus  

Here’s a look at what I’ll be making for supper this week. After one day on the Eat to Live plan, I can report the following: (1) that I haven’t been hungry, (2) that everything we’ve eaten...

  Minty Purple Peach Smoothie

Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes Gluten Free Easy Recipes Gluten Free Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes  

Today is the first day of the 6 week Eat to Live trial and I opted for a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I picked up fresh Chilton County peaches at the produce stand yesterday and decided to pair them with frozen...


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